What do you need to know before renting a bicycle in Valencia?  As you might now there are some ´General Terms And Conditions For Bike Rental And Bike Tours´ you have to read carefully. They are shown below and can be downloaded in a form of a ´Contract´, which is important so sign before have a bike ride with us.


The customer accepts responsibility for the care and return of the bicycle and all accessories. The bicycle will only be used by the contract holder, and is not to be sub-rent.

The bicycle is to be returned in perfect condition. Any damage or loss to the bicycle, including its accessories, will be charged to the customer according to the following prices. If the bicycle is lost or stolen, the customer shall pay Pelican Bike the fee to cover such lost or theft.

The fees payable are:

Extensive damage of covering 10€;
Wheel 40€;
Rare wheel (+ gearshift pattern) 80€;
Padlock 15€;
Seat padlock 5€;
Basket 20€;
Saddle 25€;
Baby seat 40€;
Helmet 15€;
Bike 350€;
Puncture wheels 10€;
Wheel bending intervention 15€;
Key 15€;
Brakes 12€;
Pedals 12€;
Light 12€;

In case if the customer pays insurance (3€ per bike) all the fees except the whole bike should be reduced to 50%.

A delay in the return of the bicycle shall incur the payment of extra fees. The customer is responsible for correctly locking the bicycle to a fixed element at all times when not in use. They are responsible for the possible damage produced to themselves or to others as a result of an accident when using the bicycle. It is prohibited to make any modifications to the bicycle. It is prohibited to carry additional passengers.

It is highly recommended to park bikes at home\in the hotel room or in the office of Pelican Bike.
The customer has 2 options of deposit for the period of bikes rent.
1. 200€ (cash or blocking money on a bank card)
2. In case if there is no possibility to leave money deposit – any valid document (ID or passport)