Grand City Bike Tour of Valencia

3,5 hours
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  • grand city bike tour valencia
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You want to get to know Valencia, but you just have a few days to explore its beauty? Then this three and a half hours Valencia bikes tour is perfect for you! On a bike, we will be able to see a lot of this wonderful city, and still have time to look closely at some very interesting spots.

Primary directions of Grand City Bike Tour of Valencia

The first place we will visit on this comprehensive Valencia bikes tour is the center of it all, the old city of Valencia. It is unique in its beauty and as we bike Valencia through the narrow winding streets of the city center, you can imagine that history has been written here. The Romans and the Moors have added their culture to this vibrant city and Pelican Bike will be glad to show you some of its gems. If it’s the Plaza de la Virgin, the Serranos Gate, the Mercado Central, the Valencia Cathedral, the Plaza de la Reina, the Valencia City Hall or the Marués de Dos Aguas Palace, this Valencia bike tour gives you the opportunity to see it all and learn about these interesting historic places.

After enjoying the hustle and bustle of the busy old city, we will take our bikes and head to the City of Arts and Sciences. The journey is the reward, since we will bike a river that is unique in its outline. A river? How can you bike on a river? That really is a good question, but the river Turia is a special place that is made for riding a bicycle. It used to be a river, but since this river flooded the city many times, the government decided to dry it out and make a park out of it. So this river is the perfect place to discover Valencia on bike! Many exotic plants and trees grow in this 9 kilometers long park and it is the perfect spot to enjoy a healthy exercise outside. So apart from the Pelican Bike tours cyclers, you will see football fields, jogging tracks and a variety of fitness machines. But this park is not only used for sports, it is the place to go for recreational purposes as well and people like to meet in the Turia park and enjoy a lazy picnic in the sun.

Grand City Bike Tour of Valencia has a lot to offer

Our destination of this comprehensive bike tour of Valencia will be found at the very end of this beautiful park. The impressive buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences were built by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela. In 1996, the construction of this huge complex started, and in 2005, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia was inaugurated as the last building of the 12 Treasures of Spain. Now we can admire six different architectural gems on our Valencia city bikes tour. If it’s the opera house and performing arts center, the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, the Imax cinema L`Hemisfèric, the Agora or the L’Umbracle, a walkway and garden, you will enjoy the unique architecture of each building. The El Museu de les Ciènces Pricipe Felipe is a special place and famous for its modern approach to science and the Oceanografic is the number one attraction for many tourists every year. This aquarium is not just any aquarium; it allows you to travel around the planet’s main oceans and seas. You can find sharks, Beluga whales, sea lions and manta rays in this huge water world, and it even has its own dolphin show. If you have still some time left, you should not leave out this Valencia attraction and pay it a visit after your Valencia bike tour. Like the Tardis, it is so much bigger on the inside!

Grand City Bike Tour of Valencia Prices

Private TourGroup Tour
60 € per person30 € per person

*mín 2 persons per tour

What is included in our Grand City Bike Tour of Valencia?

We provide you with bicycles that will be delivered in perfect working condition and which must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour.

Tour guides will accompany you during the bike tour. Our tour guides talk different languages and will be assigned according to your booking preference.

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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Our Office Location – 1945 Carrer de l’Herba, 4, 46003 València

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive 15 min earlier for a prompt departure

TOUR TIME 3,5 hours

We will be happy to mаkе phоtоs of yоu and even video during the tour!

If you are the group of less than 6 persons, but still want a group tour, we can band you with some other group. For that you need to get in contact with us via Contact page.



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