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Valencia Street Art Bike Tour

If you are interested in the artistic part of the city and want to discover the most admirable street art by bike, then this tour is for you.

On bike, we will explore the street art scene of Valencia, which is very much alive and vivid. Local and international artists have decorated the city with their wall murals, sometimes to make the Valencian walls and houses even prettier, and sometimes to get across a political message.

What will you see during Valencia Street Art Bike Tour?

The police van of the graffiti artist Escif, that we will discover on our Valencia bike trip, makes police brutality visible and wants to voice the protests of the citizens. The works of Escif, also known as “Banksy of Valencia”, can be found in different areas of the city and give the observer food for thought. Why is the wolf pack attacking a taxi? Why is the TV staring back at the family that is watching it? Your mind will be occupied by his inspiring political street art.

If you like bright and colorful art, the works of Julieta XLF will make an impact on you. The Japanese influences of their colorful murals make their art easy to recognize. Imaginary animals, rainbows, colorful plants and sweet girls trigger the imagination and offer the observer a completely new fantasy-world to dwell in.

A Valencia Street Art tour can’t leave out a very special urban street artist: on the Plaza Lope de Vega, right next to the world’s smallest tavern, you can find the special urban art of Arqui Costura. This artist decorated house fronts and shop windows with stitch patterns, most of them representing flowers. Thus, she soothes the eyes and spirit of the people living in the city and translates handicraft into urban street art.

Different artists and scenes during the Valencia Street Art Bike Tour

If you like mysterious and dark topics, the Spanish urban artist Deih might spark your interest. This bike tour will lead you to his art, where you will see figures, that seem to be lifeless and trapped in themselves. His art is evidently inspired by comics so that fantasy and far away galaxies find their expression in his street art.

The Argentinian artist Hyuro, who currently lives in Valencia, has dark elements in his urban art as well, although he is very realistic in the way he is depicting the darkness. The badly injured deer in the spotlight, that we will discover on our Valencia bike tour, shows us how often we are nothing but spectators who can’t change what is going on in the word – or just can’t be bothered to make a difference.

You see, this street art bike tour of Valencia will not leave you unimpressed. There is a whole new world out there, waiting to be discovered. With Pelican Bike you will learn all about the urban street art scene of Valencia in an entertaining way. See you around soon for this very entertaining and artistic bike tours!

Tour duration: 2 hours.

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