One day in Valencia

Sometimes things have to rush. Imagine, you just have one day in Valencia and you don’t want to miss out on the best attractions the city has to offer. We will give you some input on how to spend that valuable day in Valencia. Enjoy!

A day in Valencia should start with an amazing breakfast

Valencia is a very sunny city and so a nice breakfast in the sun is a good way to start your day in Valencia and to get ready for your many adventures. The desayuno tipico is as you might have guessed, the typical little breakfast Valencians start their day. When you order this breakfast, you will get the typical bread with chopped tomatoes and olive oil, a freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of coffee. You can make it sweet as well, most bars offer the desayuno with a croissant instead of the tomato bread. If you want to have a continental breakfast or a full British one, you will find a bar that offers your chosen breakfast, too. You might be surprised about the prices, Valencia is very cheap and so it is possible to find a bar that offers breakfast for under three euros.

La Tenda 1950 is a good place to go for sweet breakfast. This small bakery serves crepes, waffles and delicious pastries. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere busy but cozy. You can find La Tenda 1950 in Calle Jesus.

street of valencia

Or you can start your Valencia day trip in Café de las Horas. This café is very stylish; it feels as if you were in Paris because of its elegance. Furthermore, it provides a comfy and cozy feeling. They serve brunch from 11 a.m. to four in the afternoon on Sundays, but you might not have the time to linger in this nice café for such a long time since you have only one day in Valencia.

If you want to go for something typical Valencian, you might want to choose the Hochateria Fabián, which is popular with the locals. You can taste horchata (hot chocolate), pastries or sweet churros there.

The district El Carme and Valencia’s old city

Now it’s time to discover the city’s most famous area: the old city. With its little shops, unique cafés and historical buildings, it is the must-see spot for your Valencia day trip. A good way to get to know the city is arranging a Valencia bike tour, so you will see all the important places and a guide will give you detailed information on the city and its development.

lunch in valencia

Surely, you will pass Torre de Quart and Torres de Serranos, two very impressive gates which are situated in the old city of El Carme. Once upon a time, there have been 12 gates in total, but only these two survived the many attacks. The gates are just a walking distance away from each other, so you should pay them both a visit. They represent different styles of architecture and you can learn a great deal about Valencia’s history while asking your bike guide.

On Calle Moret, you will see a very much-photographed piece of urban art: a kissing couple. This painting is a copy of a picture that was taken at the London Bridge Station. Nobody knows the identity of that couple in love. So maybe you can help to solve the mystery?

torres serranos valencia

Get a lunch with some typical food of Valencia

While you are in the old city, you should really have a look at the Mercat Central. You will find it on the Plaza del Mercado. The building of the Mercat was built in 1914 and has its very own beauty. The colorful glasswork is worth seeing, but surely, the inside has a lot to offer too. You can find space for 959 stalls in the market, and it sells a vast variety of yummy food. So if you want to see more of the vibrant city at your one day in Valencia, grab a delicious lunch at the market and head off to Turia park.

Eco tour by foot or by bike

This famous Turia park has once been a river, but the river used to flood the city several times and took many lives, so that the city planners decided to dry it and make a nine kilometers long park out of it. Apart from having lunch, people do sports there, take a walk, admire the fauna and flora of the park or ride their bikes.

Take some time to look at the beautiful buildings and artful installations alongside the park. Look at the big monument of the sleeping Gulliver who is made out of many slides and admire the astonishing architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences. Valencia has many beautiful parks and the best way to explore them all is to choose our Parks of Valencia Bike Tour, which takes only 2 hours.

City of Arts and Sciences and Oceanográfico

If you want to learn something while visiting Valencia in one day, you should not only admire the City of Arts and Sciences from the outside, but also discover it from the inside. You won’t have the time to see all of it, since it is huge. Choose from the Oceanográfico, the impressive aquarium, the Hemisfèric, an IMAX theatre and a planetarium, the Science Museum or the Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts. It is possible to buy a combined ticket, but each individual attraction offers an individual ticket as well.

Another museum worth having a look at is the Las Fallas Museum, a museum that can only be found in Valencia. It shows figurines from the last 80 years of the Las Fallas festival. If you are in Valencia in March, you can’t help but experience the real thing. In Las Fallas, the Valencians celebrate loud and colorful, with humorous and crazy figurines and fireworks.

Evening and night entertainment in Valencia

Since you have only one day in Valencia, you should combine your dinner with a typical show – a flamenco show. A good place to go for an emotional show it the MON. They not only do brilliant flamenco, but the food is exceptional too.

If you are close to the City of Arts and Sciences, head to the restaurant La Buleria. It is a perfect place to end a day in Valencia. Their dishes range from 40 to 55 euros, including the flamenco show and your drinks.

Or maybe you are enthusiastic about something more exotic? Choose our Night City Bike Tour so your Valencia day trip will become an unforgettable adventure.