Group Bike Tours

There are two options to choose from when touring in a group. The first one is to pick any of the standard guided tours and experience them in a group. The second option is to hire our tour specialists who can help you design a personal Valencia cycles tour. Our tour staff is always open to help you to arrange a customized Valencia bike tour that meets your needs and desires.

What do Group Bikes Tours include?

Our standard tours tend to cover some of the most popular city attractions. You can select any of these tours on our website and attend it in a smaller or larger group.

We can also organize a memorable bike tour if you form a group of 8 guests or more. It is suitable for birthday parties, family reunions, meetings and social groups. Note that group bike tour rates may include extra training staff, guide/staff gratuities, own personal guide and lengthy routes.

For groups of 10-20 guests, we also support large group tours that involve team building experience. That results in self-confidence of group members and better collaboration. Most important of all, large groups can benefit from great discounts.

What benefits will you get choosing Group Bike Tours of Valencia?

The groups we accommodate typically consist of up to 8 persons. We provide two tour guides if there are eight or more persons in a group. By dividing a big group into smaller ones, we allow everyone to focus on the historical information during the Valencia cycles tour.

The group tours offer a variety of benefits and perks, such as:

  • Lower tour price: The tour price is lower than for individual tours.
  • Discount: We offer discounted pricing for the larger groups. The groups consisting of 10 people can enjoy a 10% discount, while 20% discount is granted for a group of 20 members. So form a big group and take advantage of this!
  • Great safety: You will be provided with a helmet and a tutorial on bike usage before the tour starts. The maximum guide ratio is 8 for Valencia cycles tours to keep the group manageable at all time.
  • More fun: Most people find it more fun to visit the city in a group.

What is included in Group Bike Tours?

The participants are provided with anything and everything they could ever need for an unforgettable experience.

Just write us and we will sort everything out for you.