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Valencia attractions

Valencia attractions

There are a lot places to see in Valencia. But which ones are the most prominent tourist attractions in Valencia, Spain? You can visit them by walk or choosing one of our bike tours. Let’s find out what is the best for you!

The City of Arts and Sciences

The building complex of the City of Arts and Sciences took part in a contest which wanted to evaluate the most interesting places in all of Spain, and it got voted alongside 11 other places. 9000 proposals were launched on the internet and the City of Arts and Sciences was so popular that many Spanish people thought it should be amongst the 12 Treasures of Spain. This title makes the perfectly shaped building complex the number one of the places to see in Valencia. And it really earned its title, the designers of the six buildings Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela did their job well and created astonishing buildings which can be found in the dried out river Turia, which is now a green park. You can imagine that building such an extraordinary attraction took some time, the first inauguration of the L’Hemisèric took place in 1998 and it was finished with the opening of the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in 2005.

 City of Arts and Sciences

If you really want to get to know the City of Arts and Sciences, you need a few days. And every family member will find his or her own attraction at the City of Arts and Sciences. One of the things to see in Valencia, Spain, is the L’Hemisfèric, also known as the “eye of knowledge”. It got its name because it looks like a giant futuristic silver eye from the outside and houses a planetarium as well as an IMAX cinema. The presentations are all about knowledge, for example you can find out how it feels to walk amongst dinosaurs.

Next to it you can find an interactive science museum, called El Museu de les Ciènces Principe Filipe. There is the L’Umbracle, which houses contemporary artists such as Yoko Ono and Frances Abbot as well as Valencian plants. And then there is the L’Ocanogràfic, the huge aquarium housing dolphins, jellyfish and belugas. If you are more into opera or performing arts, the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is your place to be. The L’Àgora offers concerts and sporting events from time to time. So check out the program of the City of Arts and Sciences, you will find your customized tourist attraction in Valencia!

The biggest park of Valencia – Parque del Turia

You can find parks and green spaces in every city, but this park is unique in different ways. This is because it has once been a river which flooded the city many times so that the river has been dried and city planners decided to convert it into a park. And so the city got a nine kilometres long park which can be accessed from the main districts the city offers. The Parque del Turia is the connection of the Cabacera Park and the City of Arts and Sciences and it offers many tourist attractions in Valencia, Spain. You can find numerous sings in this park which explain the historical places and spots. The Serranos Tower is a must of the things to see in Valencia. It is an impressive gate marking the way to the old city and one of the two gates which are still intact. Furthermore, you should stop at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Parque del Turia Valencia

Some very historical bridges cross the former river Turia, for example the bridge of San José form the 17th century or the Serranos Bridge. The Trinidad Bridge from the 15th century and the El Real and El Mar bridge from the 16th century are some of the most interesting places to see in Valencia. In total you can discover 18 bridges in this park, and you will see that they are very different!

The Turia park is a common meeting place where people do sports like playing football, baseball or rugby or go for a run. Kids play on the many playgrounds and enjoy riding the slides of the giant Gulliver installation. Dog owners walk their dogs and let them run free in the dog and agility grounds. But it is a place to relax and meet as well and a perfect spot for a comprehensive picnic! The Park is huge and maybe the best way is to explore it by bike, choosing one of our bike tours.

The beauty and history of El Carmen

If you are ready for your share of magic, hop over to the historic center of the city. From Turia park you can go through the Serranos Tower and you will find yourself in one of the narrow winding streets of the old city of El Carmen. Many places to see in Valencia are situated here, like the Plaza del Carmen with its nice fountain and orange trees. At this square you can find the medieval church of El Carmen. If you want to visit it you have to be prepared to pay a fee, during times of worship it is free. The Convent of Carmen is another attraction of Valencia, a major centre for arts and culture. You can find interesting exhibitions of art here.

Valencia old town and cathedral

Turning south you will discover the Plaza del Arbol with nice and authentic restaurants to stop for some tapas. At lunch time, you can grab the very low priced option of the menu del dia. You will get three or four curses including your drink from 10 to 15 euros.

It is very easy to get lost in the ancient streets of El Carmen. The Arabic outline of the city is very confusing, but don’t worry, getting lost is part of the game and you will find out how much beauty Valencia has to offer. Many of the tiny bars and restaurants are always worth a visit and when it turns night, this quarter offers a vital atmosphere that will make you feel alive.

Not just a train station – The Estación del Norte

This beautiful train station was finished in 1917 and became a protected monument in 1987. The entrance hall is very impressive, the front façade is decorated with the typical elements of the Valencian culture. It depicts for example the barracas, the traditional Valencian houses as well as oranges and the lake La Albufera.

Next to the train station you can find the bullring, one of the best attractions in Valencia, Spain. It has a capacity for 16,851 seated spectators and it is said to be one of the most beautiful bullrings of Spain. Nowadays, bullfights take place only for great festivals and big cultural events, so most of the time you can find the bullring deserted.

These are the main Valencia attractions, which can be visited by foot or by bike, simply using our Valencia bike rental service.