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Port Saplaya Bike Tour

Do you have a passion for cities, do you want to visit Valencia´s little Venice, are you interested in nature? Then Pelican Port Sa playa Tour is perfect for you, because it combines urbanism with nature while enjoying wonderful views of the sea. We can pedal on a traditional bike or become more… electric! Scroll the page to find the upgrade on a E-Bike, then everything will be easier as we will be assisted by a powerful motor that will be our best friend in this long trip.

Main destinations of Port Sa Playa Tour of Valencia

As we are not in a hurry, this tour in Valencia will take a little time, about 4 hours. The idea is to have a pleasant and comfortable ride, as well as to admire the beauty of the Valencian orchard, but if you prefer the seaside viewings there´s always an option for it. Keep on reading!

We will cross the Turia Garden to visit the Mestalla stadium, home of the FC Valencia soccer team, which can accommodate up to 55,000 visitors.

Luckily, we are not here to work, but to enjoy a nice ride through Valencia and admire the variety of its buildings, each one is different and has a special charm, we know it´s a long trip that´s why we always offer an E-bike as an option.

In our tour we will follow the old railroad tracks, now disappeared, and we will pass by iconic places such as the most expensive traffic roundabout in Spain or the "Mecca" of Parkour in the heart of the fashion capital 2022.

 Leaving the urban space Pelican tours always recommends the safety of the bike lane, fortunately Valencia is a well connected city and invites us to go into the Valencian orchard.

 Port Sa Playa Tour has a lot to offer

It is said that the Huerta was born at the time of the Roman Empire. In the year 138 B.C., the city of Valentia was established in the space that was a river island, surrounded by fertile land. Quite old, don't you think?

We will head to our destination, the picturesque village of Port Sa playa. This beach is the best option if you are looking for a less touristic and quiet place. Our tour will allow you to get an idea of the beauty of this wonderful beach, which is not far from the city of Valencia, but less crowded.

After a comfortable ride, we will reach the little Venice; which is the nickname of Port Sa playa. This quiet and peaceful place offers dream houses painted in warm pastel shades. Most of the houses have huge balconies and, like Venice, this beach also has a harbor with houses built very close to it. If you had a yacht, you could park it there and just jump off your balcony and land on it. But the Venice aspect is not all that this wonderful town has to offer. It also has a shopping mall, but since our trip is totally dedicated to beaches, it also has a beautiful quiet beach. There you can find people practicing windsurfing and you yourself can enjoy that refreshing breeze while enjoying a refreshing Orxata, the traditional Valencian drink ideal for everyone.

As always Pelican bike rentals try to offer options to cover your needs and expectations. In this case we think giving you privacy is essential for your enjoyment, as we will end up by the beach, if you feel like staying longer, we could finish the tour in Port Sa Playa and you can return after taking a well-deserved bath in the mediterranean sea. Choose the option, so we can be ready. What about lunch? Just tell us, we know the area and we could book it for you, so, at the end everything will be set.

What are you waiting for? Get ready for us to show you the natural landscapes that Valencia and its surroundings have to offer. Enjoy a bike ride in Valencia that cannot be compared to any other bike tour in Spain.

Feeling like tasting Valencian traditional Orxata? Orxata is our refreshing non alcoholic drink made of Chufa (Tiger nut) it is vegetarian, raw and eco frindly, harvested where you are about ro ride along. Include it in our tour by simply asking at the counter once in the shop, we will take care of the rest.

Which vehicle can I choose: Bike or E-bike?

This tours goes along the city and a bit beyond it. Valencia is a flat city with no many hills but we always tace care about you and for battery safety reasons we recommend using Bike or E-bike to do the tour. That way you can Always have the option to keep your vehicle for the rest of the day and enjoy our mediterranean coastal side on your own once the tour to Port Sa Playa is finish.

What´s included in our Port Sa Playa tour?

We provide a vehicle that will be delivered in perfect working order and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour. 

Tour guides will accompany you during the bike tour. Our tour guides speak different languages and will be assigned according to your booking preference.

Please scroll the page to find the box options in order to choose the selected vehicle and the price will adjust automatically. 

*Places in restaurants are reserved a minimum of  2 days in advance. Min 2 people* please inform us in case of allergies.

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The map contains an approximate route, which can be changed depending on different circumstances.

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