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Port Saplaya Bike Tour

o you want to get to know little Venice? Would you like to meet Valencia’s most famous beaches and enjoy a day around the water? Are you looking for a nice dinner with a sea view? Then the Pelican Bike’s Port Saplaya Tour is the perfect bike tour in Valencia for you!

What does Port Saplaya Bike Tour include?

This journey takes approximately 4 hours through the charming old city of Valencia. Our guides will show you historic buildings, winding roads and a dreamy atmosphere. We will cross the Turia Park to pay the Mestalla stadium a visit, the home of the FC Valencia football team, which can host up to 55,000 visitors.

The Turia Park will lead our way to the port of Valencia. Our Valencia bike tour uses this recreational bike track to get us to the port. The former river that is now a beautiful park with lots of different flowers and trees from all parts of the world is a popular spot for sports and picnics for both tourists and locals. You will see it is very comfortable to bike here since we avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.

We will take a break at the Seaport, which is the fifth busiest seaport of Europe and one of the largest in Spain. This port is a very important commerce area, with more than 15,000 employers.

Luckily, we are not here to work, but to enjoy a nice bike tour of Valencia and relax at the beautiful Malvarrosa beach. On its huge promenade, many restaurants offer their services. We will have a hard time choosing one, because they all have special offers and each of them invites to a yummy local meal. While we enjoy our delicious treat, we can observe people having a nice time at the 1-kilometer long Malvarrosa beach.

What is Port Saplaya Bike Tour famous for?

After filling our stomachs, we will get on our bikes and head to our destination, the picturesque village of Port Saplaya. To get there, we will bike through both Malvarrosa and Patacona beach. This beach is the best option if you are looking for a less touristy and calm spot. Our tour gives you an impression of the beauty of this wonderful beach, which is not far away from the city of Valencia but is less crowded.

After a comfortable ride we will reach little Venice, which is the nickname of Port Saplaya. This peaceful and quiet place offers dreamy houses painted in warm pastel tones. Most houses have huge balconies and like Venice, this beach has also a port with houses built very close to it. If you had a yacht, you could park it there and just jump from your balcony and land on it! But the Venice-like appearance isn’t everything that this wonderful village has to offer. It also has a shopping center, but since our journey is totally dedicated to beaches, it also has a beautiful calm beach. You can find windsurfers practicing there and you might enjoy that refreshing breeze yourself while watching them doing their workout.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to let us show you all the nice, calming, relaxing and wonderful beaches Valencia and its surroundings have to offer! Enjoy a Valencia bike ride that can’t be compared to any other Spain bike tour!

Tour duration: 4 hours.

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