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The photos of parks of valencia bike tour The photos of parks of valencia bike tour The photos of parks of valencia bike tour The photos of parks of valencia bike tour The photos of parks of valencia bike tour

Parks of Valencia Bike Tour

Bikes and parks go well together. Pelican Bikes has the perfect solution if you want to spend a relaxing afternoon on a bike whilst seeing a lot of the beautiful city of Valencia. This special tour will take you to the green heart of the city and will show you the fifty shades of green that the city has to offer, in just two hours. The places we will visit are three of the most beautiful parks in this vibrant city: the Royal Garden, the Turia Park and the Cabecera Park. Each of these parks is unique and you will have time to admire them one by one, whilst discovering Valencia by bike.

Where do we start our Valencia Parks Bike Tour?

The Cabecera Park is home to many native animals and marks the beginning of the 9-kilometer long Turia Garden. In this park we will find pleasant green spaces that invite people for a picnic, as well as lakes and curvy paths that wind through this beautiful spot. The Bioparc, which offers wide open spaces for animals from all over the world, is one of the main attractions of Valencia. Visitors feel like they are part of the fauna, as they are observing the wild creatures from a safe distance. If you have some time left in Valencia, we would definitely recommend visiting the Bioparc. It is not only a special place for its animals, but also for its nature. In the centre of Parque de Cabecera, we will discover a lake with colourful boats in the shape of swans, ducks and turtles. In this calm lake you can also find several types of fish. After admiring this relaxing, green space, our tour will take us to the special Parque del Turia. This park has a unique history. Once upon a time this was a river, but it flooded the city and claimed many human lives, after which the government decided to divert the river and create Europe's longest urban garden instead. This space is now the main place of recreation, for both tourists and Valencians. In addition, this green space is used for all kinds of sports. The park has a few soccer fields, outdoor fitness parks and has its own running- and cycling track. Some people even host their birthday party in this park!

This tour is incredibly special among all the bike tours in Spain as we will cycle through plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. Orange- and palm trees grow in the Turia park, and you will notice that pine trees and roses give the air a special fragrance. We will even see bottle-shaped trees, adapted to the hot climate of the deserts of Namibia or Australia. Elms, cypresses, mulberry trees, lime trees and willows are also part of the green variety that can be found in the Turia Park.

When we are exploring Jardín del Turia, Jardines del Real is close by. We will not miss this beautiful, green landscape when we discover Valencia by bicycle. This park is located on the site of the former royal palace. Today, the Jardín del Real hosts numerous cultural events. During spring, this park is a magical place for book lovers. The Book Fair, as its name suggests, revolves around books, and book stands can be found everywhere in the park. During the summer, many concerts are held here. You can enjoy several types of music in the main area, whilst breathing in fresh air and whilst enjoying the green surroundings.

You will see, a bike ride through Valencia does not always have to be in the same rush as in the city centre. It can be a relaxing and sporty event at the same time. Pelican Bikes will be happy to help you recharge your batteries and to see a lot of the green areas of Valencia. See you soon on the green side of life!

Tour duration: 2 hours.

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