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The photos of city of arts and sciences tour The photos of city of arts and sciences tour The photos of city of arts and sciences tour The photos of city of arts and sciences tour The photos of city of arts and sciences tour

City of Arts and Sciences Tour

You have many options to spend your time in Valencia. Our bike tour to the City of Arts and Sciences is one of the best experiences here. You simply cannot leave Valencia without visiting the City of Arts and Sciences.

What does the adventure include?

First, we will start our bike tour at the Torres de Serranos, one of the old gothic gates that used to be part of the city wall, to protect Valencia from invaders. Your guide will explain the history of this beautiful monument here.

After that, we will walk to the "lungs" of the city, the Parque del Turia. This park is located on what used to be the famous Turia River, which ran through the entire city. Today, Turia Park is one of the largest urban parks in Spain, its botanicals and green spaces represent the richness of the Mediterranean flora. With more than nine kilometres with playgrounds, sports fields and romantic corners where you can relax and hide from the heat, it is the most ideal route by bicycle.

At one end of the park, you will find the Bioparc (a 10-hectare zoo), and at the other end you will find the City of Arts and Sciences. Before reaching our main objective, the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, we will stop at the famous Palace of Music of Valencia. This Palace is one of the most symbolic constructions of the Turia Park and one of the most important musical centres in Europe. If you like classic music, we recommend booking a concert ticket in advance.

The next stop on your adventure is Gulliver Park, a giant and impressive playground for children. The adults who like to slide on Gulliver the giant and pretend to be part of the Lilliputians.

What is the structure of the City of Arts and Sciences?

Finally, we will arrive at our destination, one of the "must see" things in Valencia. Through the Turia Garden, we will arrive at a glorious project of futuristic architecture by Santiago Calatrava. It is a charming complex that consist of six buildings, and it dedicated to scientific and cultural achievements. Each building is totally unique, which made the City of Arts and Sciences a symbol of the city.

One of the things that we can find in the complex is l'Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe and a unique space in the City of Arts and Sciences. Then we have the Hemisfèric theatre, an IMAX 3D cinema in which amazing, digital projections take place. The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum represents the science part of the city. Many interactive exhibits are hosted inside this museum, and visitors can conduct experiments, participate actively, ask questions and expand their knowledge about science. The Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofía, the helmet-shaped building, is dedicated to hosting the main opera shows in the city. We will also have a perfect view on the great landscape pavilion of the botanical garden "l´Umbracle". Finally, we will see El Ágora, a space in which tennis matches and various concerts are organised.

The entire complex is very impressive, not only because of its enormous dimensions, but also because of its expressive shapes and the crystal-clear water that surrounds the buildings. Pelican Bikes will be happy to be your guide on this adventure in Valencia, feel free to ask us anything on this tour. If you wish to stay longer in one place, just tell your guide. We want you to have the best experience possible and we are happy to customize the tour according to your needs.

Duration of the tour: 2 hours.

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