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Not only the city of Valencia has to offer beautiful landscapes and spots to admire, but the surrounding area of Valencia as well. So why don’t we get on our bikes and enjoy this special one of the Spain bike tours and head to Albufera?

What makes Albufera Bike Tour so special?

The Albufera National Park is a Mediterranean ecosystem famous for its unspoilt forests, rice fields, dune beaches and a huge lake where romantic boat trips can be enjoyed on. This lake is the biggest natural lake of Spain and very shallow, it never reaches more than two meters in depths, whereas with its 52,200 acres, it is quite expansive. It was even bigger a few generations ago and has lost more than half of its previous size to irrigation. Today, the lake is protected as a national park, but still feeding the neighboring rice fields, but in a sustainable way.

The national park is situated 20 kilometers away from the heart of Valencia, so it is suited perfectly for a relaxing Valencia bikes tour to where nature shows its prettiest face. Pelican Bikes will lead you the way using cycle paths to the national park and showing you how very recreational a holiday to Valencia, Spain can be. This national park is an important piece of Valencia’s cultural identity and we promise you will understand why during our Spain bike tour!

Since we are not in a hurry, this Valencia bike tour will take a little bit of your time, approximately five hours. We don’t need to speed while cycling and want to enjoy the scenery on our way there and back as well as admire the beauty of the national park of Albufera. Since it is almost always sunny in Valencia and the area surrounding the city, a longer Valencia bike tour is very enjoyable and comfy!

What will you see during Albufera Bike Tour?

When arriving at the Albufera park, we will have time to recreate from our workout and enjoy the uniqueness of this wild natural spot. This park is a place of great ecological interest and the home of rare species. You can watch birds in their natural habitat since more than 250 different species of birds live here. The red-knobbed coot, the little tern, the cull-billed tern, the audouin’s gull, the Balearic shearwater and the red-crested pochard are some of the species that can be seen in this beautiful park. But even very rare birds like the brad-billed sandpiper and the collared flycatcher have been reported to be spotted in the Albufera National Park. Apart from birds, the ecosystem presents a variety of fish and plants as well.

But our Valencia cycles tour won’t only concentrate on nature, but on culinary delights as well. The waters of the park have been worked by fishermen and rice growers in a long tradition and thus some of the region’s most delicious dishes have found their origin in this region. It is said that the famous paella was invented here. In the village of El Palmar, a village on the lakes’ southeastern border, you can try classic dishes like Arroz a Banda, Alli I Pedre (made with eel freshly caught from the lake) or our famous paella. Every restaurant in El Palmar serves paella, and every building in this picturesque village seems to be a restaurant, so we won’t have problems to find a nice spot for having a tasty meal and recharging our energy for our Valencia bike tour back to the city center.

So don’t hesitate and join us on this very adventure for a Valencia cycles tour unique in its share of nature, culinary delights and tradition. Enjoy the scenery while working out in an entertaining way and discover one of the main attractions of the surrounding area of Valencia in Spain.

Albufera Bike Tour  Prices

Albufera Bike Tour70 € per person

*mín 2 persons per tour

What is included in Albufera Bike Tour?

We provide you with bicycles that will be delivered in perfect working condition and which must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour.

Tour guides will accompany you during the bike tour. Our tour guides talk different languages and will be assigned according to your booking preference.

There is also a free lunch at El Palmar included in the tour price.

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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Our Office Location – 1945 Carrer de l’Herba, 4, 46003 València

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive 15 min earlier for a prompt departure

TOUR TIME 3,5 hours

We will be happy to mаkе phоtоs of yоu and even video during the tour!

If you are the group of less than 6 persons, but still want a group tour, we can band you with some other group. For that you need to get in contact with us via Contact page.



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