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Albufera Bike Tour

The surroundings of Valencia have beautiful landscapes to offer and even more comfortable aboard our electric bicycles that will make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Albufera National Park is a perfect Mediterranean ecosystem for eco-tourism and in the 21st century what better way than assisted by the powerful engine offered by our electric vehicles, but you must choose that option to enjoy it fully.

What makes the Albufera Tour so special?

The Albufera, affectionately nicknamed "mirror of the sun" originated thousands of years ago. The name comes from Arab times, meaning small sea.

In this protected botanical area, the Arabs say that its sweet waters were always calm.

The natural park is famous for its rice fields, dune beaches and a huge lake where you can take romantic boat trips and enjoy the ecosystem. Even the Romans had their nickname and called this wonderful natural space "pearl lake". Imagine! That was some  years ago!

La Albufera is located 20 kilometers south of Valencia, Pelican Bikes will guide you through the safety of the bike lanes and will make this experience a memorable tour. As you will see, the life of this place marvels with its diversity.

The Albufera Lake is the largest natural lake in Spain, its 52,200 hectares provide a remarkable ecological, economic, ethnological and scenic value.

What are you going to see during our tour to the Albufera?

This tour in Valencia will take us approximately five hours.

As we are not in a hurry, the idea is to be able to enjoy the scenery on our way there and back.

Pelican bikes is located in the heart of Valencia and it would be a great pleasure for us to have a pleasant and comfortable ride to admire the beauty of the Albufera National Park.

To reach our destination we will ride through the famous Turia Garden, a 9km long space that welcomes us to the botanical space that we are going to visit.

This is a visit dedicated to nature, but we cannot forget the iconic City of Arts and Sciences, which will provide us with a backdrop for some dreamy photos.

On board our electric vehicles we will see a diverse amount of the flora that makes up "la Devesa", which occupies only 10 of the 30 kilometers that the natural park has in length.

The Albufera, our most picturesque destination, is part of a much larger complex known as "La huerta de Valencia" which supplies the city with vegetables.

Arriving at the Albufera park, we will have time to recover from our workout and enjoy this unique place full of nature. 

On clear days, more than 250 species of birds can be observed in their natural habitat. 

In addition to birds, the ecosystem presents a great variety of fish and plants. So don't hesitate to join Pelican Bikes in this adventure, for an electric bike ride in the outskirts of Valencia.

A unique place in terms of nature, culinary delights and tradition. Enjoy the scenery while you exercise in a fun way and discover one of the main attractions of Valencia's surroundings.

The Albufera Tour has a lot to offer

There is the option to extend the tour, under previous reservation and availability.

Pelican Bikes will guide you to El Palmar, it is a little further away, but no problem because we have our electric bikes  powered by an ecological engine. 

El Palmar is a district of Valencia that has become a reference village in the Valencian gastronomy, due to its location, combining proximity and high quality products.

Once the extension of the Pelican Bikes tour is booked you will make a reservation in a traditional restaurant where you can taste some of the most delicious dishes of the region such as: Arroz a Banda, the Alli I Pedre (made with freshly caught eel from the lake) or our famous Paella. It is said that the famous paella was invented in the village of El Palmar.

Which vehicle can I choose: Bike or E-bike?

Since this tour passes beyond the city, we recommend to use a traditional bike (push bike), even though you can always upgrade your comport by choosing a fantastic E-bike.

Let the powerful motor do half of your job and enjoy nature on an eco vehicle, totally 21st century, don´t you think?

What does our Albufera Tour include?

We provide a vehicle of your choice that will be delivered in perfect working order and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour.

Tour guides will accompany you during the tour. Our tour guides speak different languages and will be assigned according to your booking preference.

Please scroll the page to find the box options in order to choose the selected vehicle and the price will adjust automatically

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