Tapas and Paella Bike Tour in Valencia

Would you like to learn more about the culinary traditions of the city famous for its paella and tapas, while getting to know the city better? Then this is the perfect bike tour of Valencia for you!


Why is Tapas And Paella Bike Tour the best Gourmet Tour In Valencia?

Our tour will lead you through the winding streets of the old town, show you the most beautiful historic buildings of Valencia and fill your stomach with traditional Spanish food and wine in just 2,5 hours. During our tour, we will stop at two authentic restaurants for a relaxing break. You will be served paella and wine in one of our two selected restaurants, and tapas and wine in the other one. But since every day we learn something new, you will learn the appropriate way on how to eat these delicious goodies as well.

Valencia is a cosmopolitan city, but stays true to its traditions as well. We don’t usually think of Valencia when we think about food, but in fact, the third biggest city of Spain is indeed one of the best gourmet destinations in all of Spain. The city offers a vast variety of different restaurants. When it comes to eating out, deciding for a restaurant can be a tough decision. Pelican Bike knows the city by heart and will help you find the right restaurant for your culinary Valencia bike trip.

What Will You Taste During Our Tapas And Paella Bike Tour?

One of the most famous dishes of Valencia is the rice-based paella. The word paella derives from the old French word ‘paelle’, which means pan. You can see the many paella pans for sale at the Central Market in the old city. These pans come in different sizes, some of them are so huge, you can cook for a little village with it. Or so it seems. During our tour, we will learn that there are so many ways to create a delicious paella. Ingredients can be added to make the paella a unique and tasteful dish. So it really is no wonder that paella can be seen as the Spanish national dish. With a nice glass of wine, it is irresistible.

But the tour wouldn’t be perfect if we would miss out the tapas. Tapas have a long tradition too, and while biking through the streets of the old city you can observe families and friends as well as romantic couples sharing some tapas. The little bites are perfect for a sociable get-together. While sharing your meal, you can chat and savor the different tastes of the various tapas. You will feel more like a local who brings friends to your favorite tapas bar than a tourist. And since the definition of tapas according to the Royal Spanish Academy is given as: “A small portion of any food served to accompany a drink”, we will enjoy a glass of wine with our small portions of food.

You will see, when it comes to tapas, creativity is included. There are some traditional ones as well, and during this bike tour in Valencia, you will learn about all of them. In Spanish, there is even a verb that means “to have tapas” (tapear). So you can’t discover Spain without enjoying its famous way of having a sociable meal!

Eat with us, bike with us, and meet new friends! Discover traditional dishes and learn how to relish them! Get to know the old city of this vibrant cosmopolitan city of Valencia in the best culinary way ever!

What is included in Tapas And Paella Bike Tour?

We provide bicycles that will be delivered in perfect working condition and which must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour.

Tour guides will accompany you during the bike tour. Our tour guides talk different languages and will be assigned according to your booking preference.

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Tour time: 210 minutes

We will be happy to mаkе phоtоs of yоu and even video during the tour!