Activities in Valencia

Sightseeing and eating out is fine, but some people need a little bit more action to be content and satisfied. There are many different activities in Valencia, Spain, you might want to try out. Here is our recommendation for an active stay in the sunny city.

The most famous activities in Valencia

Valencia is the second biggest city in Spain, and there are a lot of different sights and places of interest to discover. Moreover, it offers a beach that is unique for such a big city. It is one of the best activities to do in Valencia, it invites you to relax and work on your sun-tan as well as to swim in the ocean. If you get hungry, you can choose from many different restaurants. Seafood is very typical for the restaurants located at the beach, but surely you can find paella and tapas as well.

The beach of Valencia is called Malvarossa beach and it consists of three main areas, named Malvarossa, Las Arenas and Patacona. All the beaches are clean, spacious and family-friendly and they are not too far away from the main attractions of the city. We recommend to ride a bike through the green park of Turia to get to the beach. You will see that a lot of locals enjoy the beach as well. It really is a nice place to dream away with its palm trees that line the spacious promenade.

If you are tired of sun-bathing, you will even find the space to play volleyball. The Malvarossa and Patacona beach have beach volleyball nets. There is a Facebook Group called “Voley Playa Valencia Alternativo” everybody can join and then start in a team. Sometimes yoga classes take place here too. There is even a surf school on the beach which offers surf classes for all ages. Customers can choose from a summer course, combined tickets for 10 hours or two hours. The price for two hours is 28 euros, so surfing is one of the activities to do in Valencia everybody can afford. For a more relaxing experience, we recommend the Patacona beach, which is the quietest of the three beaches.

Alternative activities in Valencia

What about a boat-ride? You can get on board of a ship, a boat or a catamaran from the central marina of Valencia. There are different tours, a speciality is the boat and paella tour for those who always enjoy a good meal in a special atmosphere. One of the best activities to do in Valencia, Spain is a sail into the sunset with an adjacent party for 27 euros.

The best way to get to know the city is by bike. Valencia’s weather is predestined for long bike rides and the many sunny days in this city make a bike-ride an enjoyable adventure, so it’s no surprise bike riding is one of the popular Valencia activities. The famous Turia park has its own bike lane, so that you don’t have to fear to crash into pedestrians while riding your bike. The park is 9 kilometres long and goes from the green Cabecera Park to the City of Arts and Sciences and offers a large variety of plants and sights. It is really recommended to have a thorough look at its beauty, and with the help of a bike you can see all of it.

You can find bike rentals all over the city, you can hire them on a daily or weekly basis or just rent a bike for a few hours. If you stay longer, you can apply for a Valenbisi card and use the Valenbisi bikes which can be found at every corner of Valencia.

Sport activities in Valencia

If you take a walk at the Parque del Turia in the evening, you will notice that it is very busy at this time of day. Locals enjoy the rest of their day doing some exercise in the park, like running or exercising with the help of the sports equipment which can be found alongside the running tracks. Why not join them? The city offers brilliant conditions for running, which makes it one of the most popular activities in Valencia, Spain. Running in the park is convenient because of the long running tracks. Thus you don’t have to stop at traffic lights and the mild climate stops you from getting cold.

But the Turia park is not only busy with runners, the park has many fields for playing rugby, baseball and football as well. People try to improve their balance by attaching their slackline to the trees and classes of yoga and pilates take place in the park as well. You see, staying fit during your stay in Valencia won’t be a problem!

sport activites valencia

Cooking activities in Valencia

You are interested in the Valencian cuisine and want to gain a little bit of knowledge during your stay? Then the paella cooking course will be the right activity to do in Valencia for you! During this course, you will learn how to create an authentic paella on your own and once you are home again, you can impress your friends with your newly gained cooking skills!

The Escuela de Arroces Y Paella Valenciana is a good place to head to. They will teach you how to create the yummy dish step by step. Before cooking, you will go to the Mercat Central to shop for all the ingredients one needs for paella. The Mercat Central is an interesting place to look at and you can admire the beautiful building and the many stalls that sell all kinds of tasty food. Back at the kitchen, an expert supervises your cooking skills and helps you to create the best paella ever. Tasting it afterwards is the highlight of the course, and your effort will be rewarded with a diploma for paella diploma! We offer Tapas and Paella Bike Tour where you can enjoy both riding and tasting.